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All the CarGenerator models share the same specifications as follows:

  • Provides 1000 watts continuous, 2000 watts surge standard household AC power
  • Pure Sine wave commercial grade inverter, 60 Hz, approx. 8-10amp output
  • Runtime with standard vehicle: 50-80 hours continuous
  • High efficiency power conversion >90% efficient.
  • Low harmonic distortion and no static or humming noise
  • Can safely run tools, air pumps, small motors, furnace blower motors, refrigerators that a cheaper modified sine wave inverter cannot
  • Weatherproof yet fully ventilated casing, Rainproof, Snow, Ice
  • Integrated high temperature engine-safe jumper-style cables, length 7ft
  • TPE cable jacket for extra heat resistance and oil grease etc
  • Jumper cables professionally manufactured in USA by EastPenn/DEKA
  • Solid strand copper 4awg cables over-engineered to carry full current safely
  • Computer regulated overload safety protection with LED light and audible alarm
  • Short-circuit shutdown protection for electronic equipment
  • CSA, UL, ETL listed certified
  • High-speed ventilation fan to keep inverter running at a safe temperature
  • Includes two 110-volt AC outlets
  • Includes a separate digital Watt meter to display load of your appliances and loads.
  • Integrated 12v LED voltmeter on front of the unit, to ensure users stay above 13.3volts and within alternator capacity
  • Built in rubber pad to prevent scratching of front of vehicle
  • Built in adjustable strap to fit most vehicles and adjust to different situations
  • Integrated carry handle provides heat ventilation output, carrying handle, and security lock point to secure with a standard cable lock if desired

The BLUETOOTH model provides the additional capability of using a smartphone to view the 12vdc voltage level from within standard Bluetooth range.
The DRY model is exactly all of the same specs, power output, hi-temp cables, adjustable strap, but is not enclosed in a housing and therefore only for DRY use.