BREAKING NEWS : Why buy a generator if you already have a car?

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“Thinking of buying a gas generator? Think again…”


Power Your Home or RV Trailer

from Your Car.

CarGeneratorTM portable weatherproof AC power from your vehicle for 50-80 hours without the hassle, noise, and smell of a gas generator.


Your family car has 3 of the 4 parts of an emergency generator. Add CarGenerator(TM) to your vehicle, and you have the world’s most reliable, ultralight, easy-to-store power generation solution.


Whoahhh there… you mean my car can magically transform to become a backup generator for my house, cottage, or camping off-grid? Really…? What can it run?

  • Your home furnace and sump pump, to keep your house warm and dry when the power goes out.
  • Your fridge, to keep the food (and beer) cold in the summer weather
  • A few lights and TV’s, computers, and more
  • RV or Trailer batteries! Find the best spot, even if it’s not serviced, and charge your trailer quietly and conveniently with the car that towed it there
  • If you’re camping, run fun things like blenders, beer coolers, fridges, party lights, or even that espresso machine your wife gave you heck for buying back in 2015. Plug it in, make her a macchiato.
  • Bouncy castles, kids toys, projectors for movie nights, speakers and disco lights to keep the party going
  • Medical devices: if you haven’t been camping in a while because you need your CPAP, oxygen machine, and other medical device, now you can go!


BUT do I need to leave my car engine running?

Unless you own a wind farm or a giant solar array, when the power goes out, there are only two ways of generating backup power; 1) Producing power from backup batteries, which will only last a few hours at best, or 2) producing power from an internal combustion engine. Like a traditional gas generator, with CarGenerator, a gas motor provides the power, turning fuel into electricity. Where CarGenerator is different is that it has a much larger gas tank, so 50-70 hours of runtime is possible instead of 5-8, and it’s only 16 pounds, because you are using your car’s engine instead of one that’s permanently coupled to a generator. Thanks to the superior emissions control systems of modern vehicle, CarGenerator is actually more environmentally-friendly as well.

BUT… will I run out of gas? How long will it last?

A typical vehicle can provide power for 50+ hours up to 80+ hours on a tank. Compare this to a typical portable gas generator that needs attention every 4-5 hours because of its tiny little gas tank.

BUT… will it drain my battery?

Nope. Not even one tiny bit… Once your motor is running, you can actually remove the battery from a car altogether (true fact, ask your mechanic). Power for the car’s electrical system (or your house or RV) actually comes from the alternator. Batteries are there just to start the car and get the motor running, so your battery won’t even notice CarGenerator being attached.

BUT… isn’t it bad to idle a car for a long period of time?

Nope, not unless you were planning on hooking up CarGenerator to a ’59 Studebaker. Modern cars are designed to handle all kinds of operating conditions, and at idle, the car’s computer makes sure its engine is adequately cooled and lubricated. Police vehicles and ambulances are typically idled all the time, and usually enter their second service lives at 100,000+ miles. If you need CarGenerator more than a handful of times per year, you’d likely be better off with a natural-gas-powered, hard-wired permanent generator at a cost of $5,000+ dollars. For everyone else, rest assured that your car is operating well within its design limits.

BUT… will someone steal my car?

Nope. Not a chance…. Once you start your engine, just lock your doors with a spare key (see our instruction manual), and depending on your location you can put a steering wheel lock on for additional protection (about $12 at Wal-Mart) which makes it almost impossible to steal the vehicle. If you’re still worried, or you live in a neighborhood with a lot of chalk outlines on the sidewalk, CarGenerator can supply you with a wheel boot, to make theft impossible without a trailer or an angle grinder. If a thief brings a trailer to steal your car, it won’t matter if the key is in it or not. If they bring an angle grinder, you will definitely hear them, and should probably call the police. In any event you would know immediately because your power would go out!

The Club Pedal-to-Wheel Lock
Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

Anti Theft Wheel Lock Clamp Boot Tire Claw
Parking Car Truck SUV Boat Trailer

BUT… this is a stupid idea. Why not just buy a regular generator?

Three words: Reliable. Ultralight. Run-time.
RELIABLE – the #1 problem with traditional generators? F.T.S. – fail to start. When you need it most they don’t start up because of old gas or no maintenance. If your car starts, you have power.
ULTRALIGHT – CarGenerator is just 16 pounds, versus typical generators that are 60 – 160 pound beasts.
RUN-TIME – CarGenerator has a run-time of 50-80+ hours, where typical generators need to be refilled every 4-5 hours.

BUT… its not environmentally friendly to run my car, maybe even illegal!

Nope… surprise! Its actually more environmentally friendly because typical vehicles already have thousands of dollars worth of emissions controls systems in place; computers, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters. In some cities, a ULEV (like a Toyota Prius) actually puts out less pollution than there is in the ambient air! Gross, right? A standard generator is basically a glorified lawn mower, with no emissions equipment at all!

BUT… then why not just buy a cheap inverter from Walmart or similar?

Totally an option. If you want to jerry-rig an inverter in a waterproof container, you certainly could, but if you want to plug in any sensitive electronics (like your furnace, laptop, or medical device) you’ll need pure-sine wave power to avoid damage and ensure good performance. A 1000 watt, pure sine wave inverter can be purchased from Walmart for about $400. Then you need a set of heat-proof booster cables for prolonged use under the hood (about $100), and finally, you need a weather-proof housing that also allows for ventilation. If you’re an industrious, DIY-er who loves saving money above all else, you could definitely build your own CarGenerator; you’ll save about $150, providing your time isn’t worth anything. For the rest of us, who value our time and want an easy, proven solution, CarGenerator is simply the best possible option for worry-free, temporary power.

CarGeneratorTM a smart new generation of portable weatherproof AC power – from your vehicle.

Compact but feisty – enough to power your furnace or fridge,

the essentials of your house, cottage, or RV.

Up to 1000 watts and runtime of 50-80 hours without the hassle,

noise, and fumes of a gas generator.

  • Better than a portable gas generator – 16 lbs ultralight, rainproof, no messy gas cans, zero maintenance
  • Better than a whole house generator – cheaper, less wasted yard space, zero annual cost, portable
  • Better than a lithium 1000 power pack – half the price, 50x the run time, fully rainproof, works perfectly at freezing
  • Better than solar – works when the sun don’t shine in the shade, the rain and at night
  • Better than just a simple cheap inverter – commercial grade pure sine, rainproof, heatproof cables, user friendly

Emergency Use


Emergency Use




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Keep Your House Warm

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Have you noticed? The power to your house fails more often these days, and usually at the worst possible time. Do you check the news anxiously, go get blankets and flashlights and wait and pray for the power to be restored?





Use your car or truck to power the essentials of your house!

Works with regular or hybrid vehicles, using gasoline, natural gas, or diesel.

Provides clean pure power just like from public utility electricity, runs motors, computers, regular and fluorescent lights, fridges, and more.


Backup power at the cottage or cabin for fridges, freezers, laptop, TV’s

Technology device charging like a Smartphones, ipads, BlackBerry etc.

Portable power for camping, special events, tailgating, or RV travel

Travelling-Small coffee makers cappuccino or espresso and milk frothers

Portable ice makers or fridge/coolers for camping

Backup power for your gas furnace! Pure sine wave clean Inverter power

Why this is
better than a gas

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Why this is more
just a simple
cheap inverter?

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Imagine you can easily get back up and running within minutes, and last for 2-3 days! without buying a gas generator!

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Jonathan is a genius and is sharing his invention with the world. We get many power outages here in Vaughan, winter and summer. It sucks! But not anymore! Jonathan’s invention has changed all that! This power pack goes were you go – cottage, home, camping.

-Danielle Soullierre Sinclair

I bought one and my friend Jonathan Schloo came over to my house and hooked up a prototype, easily done by someone comfortable with a little bit of DIY. It works great, I had the furnace hooked up with plenty of power to spare so we also added the refrigerator too, still with enough power to charge phones and laptops, and run my wifi.
Next time there is an ice storm, which is very likely in this area in the few years as we move into an El Nino cycle, I will be toasty warm with all my modcons.

– David Black