Well, the cat is out of the bag; CarGenerator got a deal on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, with Boston Pizza magnate Jim Treliving and Quebec movie mogul Vincenzo Guzzo offering Jonathan Schloo $100,000 for a piece of CarGenerator.


CarGenerator Dragons' Den Viewing Party from Jarrod Stark on Vimeo.

This is certainly a big win for CarGenerator. With the financial investment and industry connections that these two ‘dragons’ bring to the team, we anticipate great new opportunities as we continue to grow our brand and client base. You can watch Jonathan pitch the dragons here: https://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden/pitches/car-generator

Like most episodes of Dragons’ Den, the dragons had a lot of hard questions for the guy asking for money; what makes the product unique, what does it do that other products in the category do not do, how does it affect a vehicle’s warranty? Thankfully, these are the same questions that we’ve been answering for months on social media, at dealerships, and at trade shows.

  1. What can CarGenerator power? With up to 1000W of pure sine-wave power, CarGenerator provides enough clean AC current to power most gas furnaces or boiler systems, along with some lights or small electronic items. It will also power most EnergyStar-certified refrigerators and freezers, or medical equipment like dialysis machines, CPAP devices, etc. So, while it won’t power your hot-tub or AC unit, it will keep your vitals going in an emergency.
  2. Why is CarGenerator better than a conventional gas generator? The dirty secret of portable gas generators is that they require maintenance and fresh gas in order to be reliable. If you don’t maintain them, they don’t start. CarGenerator works 100% of the time, as long as you can connect it to a working vehicle, CarGenerator will provide you with the power you need.
  3. Why not just get a gas generator and maintain it? If you think you’ll use a generator every week you own it, by all means, buy a conventional gas generator. Just remember that you NEED to maintain it to ensure it works. If , on the other hand, you want a small, lightweight (16 lbs!!!) power generation solution that anyone can lift, and that stores easily in the trunk of a car, or on a shelf inside, then CarGenerator is a much better choice.
  4. Will CarGenerator damage your car’s engine or alternator? No, the load that CarGenerator draws on a car’s alternator is comparable to having your stereo, headlights, heated seats, and blower running at the same time. Shut these things off, and your car will give you the power you need to power your home’s essentials. Modern cars, running modern, advanced, multi-weight oil, can idle for days without damaging anything, providing the car is properly maintained and in good working order.

CarGenerator won’t ever replace whole-home units from companies like Generac, that come on automatically, run on propane or natural gas, and can easily power every electrical appliance in a home. What CarGenerator does do is provide the vital power you need, when you really need it. Rather than buying a conventional gas-powered generator that might only see very occasional use, and that might not start when you need it, CarGenerator is a simple, lower-cost, more elegant solution.