CarGenerator™ really represents a new way of generating household power in an emergency. We think it’s an ideal solution when compared to costly whole home generators or inconvenient and messy portable gasoline generators. As with most new ideas, however, there have been detractors; people who say ‘There’s no way your car puts out enough power to heat your house’ or ‘That will kill your car.’ Luckily for us and hundreds of our customers, that is not the case at all. In fact, a modern high-efficiency furnace running off of CarGenerator™ will actually pull LESS current from the car’s alternator than the car’s own accessories when they’re running simultaneously.

In this video, Jonathan Schloo compares the current draw of a car’s dash, fan, defroster, and headlights to the current needed to operate a high-efficiency furnace, using CarGenerator™.

In our testing, most cars have a suite of factory-installed accessories that will draw between 50-70 amps from the car’s alternator. A household furnace typically consumes between 300-500 watts AC, which means that CarGenerator™ will need to pull about 30-40 amps from a car in order to keep a 2000 sq ft home cozy and warm. That’s not a bad trade-off considering that there are no smelly gas cans to transport and store, no maintenance to do, and CarGenerator’s compact form and light weight.