Keep Your TRAILER Going;
Use Your Vehicle for Camping Power:

According to Go RVing, 95% of people who went camping as kids said it had a positive impact on their adult lives. In the age of social media, however, being connected has become increasingly important. Imagine having enough clean, reliable power to charge smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Imagine being able to plug in your favorite coffee maker for a morning cup of joe, or blending afternoon margaritas that you can enjoy by a crystal clear forest lake.

Wish you had a high-quality remote power for more than just a USB plug? CarGeneratorTM is the world’s only portable, maintenance-free, fully weatherized high-performance AC power source. With CarGeneratorTM, you’ll have enough electricity to make a smoothie by the beach, froth a cappuccino in the forest, or watch TV on a big screen. Unlike a conventional small automotive power inverter, there is:

Two high-power AC outlets to plug in your TRAILER almost like you’re on grid power 7-10 amps total

Plenty of power for evenings and rainy days when solar is useless and you need power the most

Quickly recharge your trailer batteries at maximum speed in just a few hours while you make dinner, shower, and watch TV

Plus, CarGeneratorTM works great on rainy days when solar is useless and warm summer weather, and there’s no need to have the car doors or windows open to access weatherproof power. A user-friendly unit with everything you need, ready to produce unlimited portable power for your TRAILER and family.

CarGeneratorTM will provide you with enough power for your favorite small appliances. CarGeneratorTM contains a pure sine wave power inverter in a weatherproof ventilated housing. Why is this patent-pending design so revolutionary? First of all, CarGeneratorTM’s unique, patent-pending design allows it to work in bad weather when backup power is often needed the most. In rain, snow, ice, or rainy summer weather, if your car starts, you can run your blender or TV.

Secondly, using CarGeneratorTM in combination with your car means that your generator will require zero maintenance, offers easy storage, and will run for days because of the large gas tank, and extensively engineered safety and emissions systems of your modern vehicle.

Tapping into your car’s engine gives you virtually unlimited power, so unlike the various portable power packs, lithium batteries, and solar battery packs, you will NEVER see an “empty battery” gauge, EVER.

Compared to conventional temporary power solutions, CarGeneratorTM offers a superior combination of great performance, ease-of-use, reliability, and low-cost.