One of the biggest barriers to getting outside when the cold weather hits is staying warm. Car Generator lives by the motto of ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and this applies to getting outside in the winter just as much as when the power goes out. Whether you’ve headed outdoors for a short walk to run an errand, planned a long winter hike, or are enjoying winter camping we’ve compiled a list of effective winter hacks to help keep you warm, safe, cozy, and dry. Don’t let Jack Frost keep you stuck indoors!


Warm up Before you Head Out
On particularly cold days you can pre-heat your clothing before you head out. Consider heating up your clothes while you get ready by throwing them into the dryer, using an electric blanket (just remember to turn it off before you head out), or even using your hairdryer on your clothes for a few minutes to make you nice and toasty.

Keep a lid on It
Your mom wasn’t lying, gloves aren’t enough to keep you warm, so put on a hat, and don’t forget to cover your face with a scarf and put on a warm sweater under your coat. The face, head, and chest are more sensitive to temperature changes, so making sure these areas are well covered will help keep you warm.

Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol
It’s tempting to drink something to help warm you up from the inside out, but drinks with alcohol and caffeine make your blood vessels constrict, limiting blood flow, and will make you colder. Consider warming up with some hot soup instead.

Waterproof Your Shoes With Bees Wax
Sometimes you want to slip on your shoes instead of the hassle of tying up your boots, but there’s nothing worse than when your shoes land in a cold puddle giving you a soaker. The good news is you can waterproof your everyday shoes by using some beeswax. Rub the wax into the canvas of your shoes and then use a hairdryer to help seal the wax to the fabric and you’re ready to go!

Wrap up Your Feet With Sandwich Bags
This isn’t going to win any style awards, but this low-cost solution of putting sandwich bags over your socks (but under your boots or shoes) can be a lifesaver on wet and slushy days.

Slip Free Shoes
If you’ve ever been nervous of icy sidewalks consider putting some screws into an old pair of runners to help cut into the ice and give you better grips, giving you more confidence to walk faster, and warm up quickly.

Yesterday’s News
Putting newspaper into wet shoes or boots in a warm part of your home can help dry them out faster. The newspaper will soak up the excess water allowing you to put your feet into warm and dry shoes the next morning. Want something a little more environmentally friendly? Swap out the paper for some microfibre towels.

Insulate Your Shoes & Boots
Put another layer between your feet and the cold ground by cutting out thick felt insoles to place in the bottom of your shoes or boots.

Make New Gloves & Mittens From old Sweaters
Favourite sweater got a pull in it? You can use some chalk to create an outline of your hand and sew up some mittens. If you loved the sweater, odds are it will match your style as an extra pair of mittens too!

Smart Layering
When it gets to sub-zero temperatures swap out leggings for a layer of long underwear or athletic wear designed to keep you warm. Many of these products are specially designed to dry quickly, so even if you splash snow, you’ll be dryer faster.

Park Smarter
Look for parking spots facing the east (where the sun is coming from). This will help let Mother Nature and the heat from the sun warm your car, melting snow faster, and removing some of the snow fall for you.