Run Your Furnace with Your Car

Imagine coming home after an ice storm or major weather event to discover that your power is out and your house – and pipes – are freezing. If you have a gas-powered generator, you can plug in key electrical appliances like your furnace, but only if your generator is full of gas and well-maintained.

Wish you had a home generator but without the hassle, big cost, and maintenance? CarGeneratorTM is the world’s only portable, maintenance-free, fully weatherized household power source. With CarGeneratorTM, you’ll have enough electricity to run your gas or oil furnace, fridge, or other vital household appliance. Unlike a conventional full-size generator, or other emergency battery backup solutions, there are:

No Messy Gas Cans

No Battery Meter
Showing “Empty” (EVER)!

No Maintenance

Why is CarGeneratorTM better than a conventional gas generator? Old-style gas generators are big, heavy things that take up significant floor space in your garage. They cost a lot of money and for most homeowners are likely only used once every few years, if at all. These old generators marry the noise of a bad lawnmower, the smell of stored cans of gas and the need for frequent refueling. On top of all of this, if you forgot to maintain and store it right, your old gas generator might not start at the very time you need it most.

There are more reliable versions that will power a whole house, but their $5k-10k price makes them a very expensive proposition.

When the power goes out, what’s the most important thing you need to keep running?

Your Furnace (In Winter)

Your Fridge (In Summer)

Your Internet & Devices

CarGeneratorTM will provide you with enough power for these vital appliances. CarGeneratorTM contains a pure sine wave power inverter in a weatherproof ventilated housing. Why is this patent-pending design so revolutionary? First of all, CarGeneratorTM’s unique, patent-pending design allows it to work in bad weather when backup power is often needed the most. In rain, snow, ice, or rainy summer weather, if your car starts, you’ll have backup power to run your furnace, fridges and more.

Secondly, using CarGeneratorTM in combination with your car means that your generator will require zero maintenance, offers easy storage, and will run for days because of the large gas tank, and extensively engineered safety and emissions systems of your modern vehicle.

Tapping into your car’s engine gives you virtually unlimited power, so unlike the various portable power packs, lithium batteries, and solar battery packs, you will NEVER see an “empty battery” gauge, EVER. You will always have plenty of power when you need it most.

Compared to conventional temporary power solutions, CarGeneratorTM offers a superior combination of great performance, ease-of-use, reliability, and low-cost.