We think that CarGeneratorTM is a pretty unique product; no other temporary power solution produces so much power for so little weight, cost, and hassle. For people who want a portable power source that’s under 20 lbs and less than $1000, we think CarGeneratorTM is the best option available. There are, however, other alternatives, for people with limited power needs.

Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 can provide users with up to 400W of power for about an hour. This is great for people who want to plug in a laptop, or a stereo, or some reading lights while on the go. For music at the tent on a hot summer’s day, Yeti might be the ideal product. With only 400W though, and with the limitations of a typical lithium ion battery, the Goal Zero Yeti isn’t necessarily the right product for every situation, as CarGenerator’s Jonathan Schloo explains in this video:

Unfortunately, as good as the Yeti is, it can’t power a high-draw small appliance like a cook-tip, kettle, hair dryer, or heater. In addition, the Yeti is not designed to get wet, so if it’s raining or snowing when you need power outside, then there’s no soup for you. Finally, since the Yeti relies on a lithium ion battery pack to power its two plugs, if the weather is below zero, it may not work at all.

With up to 1000 watts of pure sinewave power, no batteries to freeze or charge, and a weatherproof design that can stand up to rain or snow, CarGeneratorTM can power must-have appliances like a kettle, cook-top, or hair dryer, to turn “roughing it” into simply “being outside.”

Stay tuned for next week’s video when we show you what it’s like to be able to enjoy 1000W of power for cooking while you’re on the open road.