A couple of weeks ago we shared the news that CarGenerator’s CEO Jonathan Schloo was selected from thousands of other entrepreneurs to pitch CarGenerator to wealthy Canadian investors in “the den” on CBC’s investment reality show Dragons’ Den. Jonathan’s appearance in the den is not, however, the only place you can see and learn more about CarGenerator. This past weekend, Jonathan was a guest on Dave’s Corner Garage on Sirius XM and Ontario radio station AM740. Show hosts Dave Redinger, Alan Gelman and Steve Shiaman were impressed by the simplicity and thoughtfulness of CarGenerator’s design.

We get a lot of armchair critics who wonder if CarGenerator’s 1000W of clean, pure sine wave power is enough. Jonathan answered the question with an analogy. A smart car isn’t the best vehicle to use to pick up 4×8 sheets of plywood from Home Depot, but it will collect a loved one from the airport. When you need a way to power your home’s essentials; your fridge, furnace, or important medical equipment, 1000W is often sufficient. In fact, most furnaces will only use about 300-400W of electricity to power their motors and internal electronics. The heat, of course, is supplied by burning natural gas.

You can watch part of the show here:

CarGenerator Founder Jonathan Schloo on Dave's Corner Garage from Jarrod Stark on Vimeo.


And don’t forget to tune into CBC Television’s Dragons’ Den on Oct. 4th at 8 pm to watch Jonathan pitch CarGenerator in “the den.”