Watch it on October 4, 2018 8:00pm EST on CBC

If you’ve watched any of CarGenerator’s videos on social media, or have seen us at any of the RV, home, or lifestyle shows we’ve attended, you might already know that CarGenerator started as a passion project for CarGenerator’s CEO, tech entrepreneur Jonathan Schloo. A few years ago, Jonathan sold one of his tech companies and bought an Airstream trailer, so that he could spend less time in the office, and more time (off-grid) camping with his family. Jonathan wanted the clean, pure-sine-wave power of a high-quality AC inverter for powering appliances and gadgets, without having to lug around and maintain a gas generator. He also wanted a power generation solution that would always work, without having to worry about small gas engines that can be finicky to start.

What you might not know is that CarGenerator also ignited the passions of the TV producers at CBC’s Dragons’ Den, who selected Jonathan among thousands of other hopeful entrepreneurs to pitch the product in “the den.” Going on national television to pitch an idea, and a product about which someone is passionate, is a tremendous opportunity, but also potentially a major disaster. How will people feel if Jonathan can’t convince the Dragons to share his passion for CarGenerator’s vehicle-based power-generation. The media team at Billet Marketing, CarGenerator’s marketing company, shot some video on the morning of Jonathan’s pitch to give CarGenerator customers and friends a sense of what Jonathan was feeling, and what was at stake in the pitch. Since one of CarGenerator’s primary functions is to be able to provide a furnace with emergency power, we invited our friends at Belyea Brothers along as well, and they were kind enough to loan us a demo furnace.

Dragons_Den_Teaser from Jarrod Stark on Vimeo.

Tune in to CBC’s Dragons’ Den on October 4th to see if Jonathan made a deal with a Dragon, or if he will have to continue plugging away and preaching the value of reliable off-grid power on his own.