There’s an old trick in the RV world to charge your trailer batteries when you’re camping off-grid; attach booster cables to your car battery and use your car to charge up your batteries! Sound familiar? It should, because using your car to power your house or RV is the reason we invented CarGenerator™ in the first place. The caveat to using your car and some booster cables to charge your trailer is that the wrong booster cables can fail to charge, or even worse, may actually catch fire! Not good.
Taking the lessons we learned from CarGenerator™ (the need for a weatherproof, high-current, high-heat, easy-to-use charging) we are pleased to announce our newest product, CarGenerator Boost™ which takes all of the things CarGenerator™ does for AC power, and applies it to the DC-to-DC environment.
CarGenerator Boost™ is unique in the market in that it can be used without worrying about engine heat or charging current damaging your booster cables, while also letting you know how much current it’s delivering to your trailer batteries.

We’re still at the prototype phase at the moment, but will be accepting pre-orders by the end of the month. Sign-up for our e-newsletter and we’ll keep you apprised of ongoing developments. Happy camping!