The Story Behind CarGenerator

Critics of CarGenerator are a very vocal crowd. We routinely get comments from skeptics saying how, “CarGenerator is just an inverter and it’s your car that creates the power.” Others are worried that it's going to damage their car.   Today we’re going to give you the scoop on exactly what CarGenerator is, and how [...]

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Four Basic Survival Skills To Teach Your Kids

Part of successful survival is making sure everyone in your family has the skills they need. Ones they can use whether they’re camping or facing a real-life emergency. This means kids too. Setting up children for success in life means providing basic survival skills training that is age appropriate. While babies, toddlers, and preschoolers aren’t [...]

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Seven DEET Free Ways To Keep Mosquitoes & Ticks Away

Thanks to a wet spring, many of us are seeing more mosquitoes this summer. It’s not in your imagination, mosquitoes can sense you. They can smell the carbon dioxide in a human’s breath from more than 100 feet away.   While no one wants to deal with ticks and mosquitoes, many are looking toward other, [...]

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