Six Tricks For Survival Success

Most of us like to think we’re adaptable, quick-thinking, and inventive. When it comes to survival  – the more you know, the better you’ll thrive. Here are six camping and survival hacks to help you along the way.   Do-it Yourself Desalination Bottle Whether you’re on a three-hour cruise or making a bug out bag, [...]

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Great Gifts for Grads & Dads

June truly is the time for dads and grads. It’s a time for togetherness before we set sail for our summer adventures. This being the case it’s also the time that we need to purchase gifts for people who might not be the easiest to shop for. Luckily, we have you covered! Some say the [...]

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Is The Blackout Baby Boom Fact or Fiction?

Many believe that nine months following a significant power outage or natural disaster a different phenomenon rears its head. A baby boom. Nine months after nearly every newsworthy natural disaster, media outlets report a frenzy of births. These births have been highlighted most recently post Hurricane Sandy, Irma, Maria, Harvey, and the enormous snowstorm of [...]

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Perfect Prepper Products He’ll Love For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Just about every dad has received a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug, tie, or BBQ accessories for Father’s Day. Why not surprise him this year with a gift that will help him connect his inner survivalist? Here are six prepper products he’s sure to love. The Number One Survival [...]

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