Protecting Your Home Away From Home

If you divide your time between two homes, like a primary residence and a trailer or cottage, there are steps you can take to help protect it while you’re away. Are you worried about break ins, flooding, and more? These tips will help you prep with the best of them and rest easy knowing you [...]

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Separating Flooding Fact From Fiction

It’s not just your imagination.  Flooding is a real problem that people face with little or no warning. Flooding is the most common natural disaster and it impacts everyone who lives in an area that gets rain. The National Severe Storms Laboratory reports that, “In the U.S. floods kill more people each year than tornadoes, [...]

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8 Mini Escapes For The Long Weekend When You Can’t Get Away

The beginning of summer vacations, long days, and long weekends is finally here! Everyone loves long weekends because they feel like bonus time that we get to use however we like. There’s nothing quite like long weekends in the summer as the perfect mini escape! Long weekends give us a short escape from our routines, [...]

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10 Hacks for Camping in the Rain

The May long weekend is coming up quickly, and as campers and RVers gear up for camping season it’s always best to go in prepared. Meteorologists from The Weather Network predict this spring will feature, “near normal precipitation across most of Canada, but above normal precipitation is expected for parts of northern Ontario and Manitoba [...]

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From Fun to Function – Putting CarGenerator to Work

Demonstrations and website descriptions can only tell you so much about a product. It’s always rewarding to find out about the practical uses of CarGenerator and how we can help real people in need. These are the preppers, the outdoors people, the families, the campers, the survivalists, the adventurers, and those who volunteer to help [...]

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