May Your Winter Be Warm, Cozy & Dry

One of the biggest barriers to getting outside when the cold weather hits is staying warm. Car Generator lives by the motto of ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and this applies to getting outside in the winter just as much as when the power goes out. Whether you’ve headed outdoors [...]

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The Outdoor Enthusiasts’ Holiday Gift Guide

In a time typically reserved for hibernation, and binge watching on Netflix, thinking outside of the gift box can be a great way to ignite some colder weather adventures for that outdoor enthusiast on your shopping list.   One of the many drivers behind creating CarGenerator was the love of outdoors, nature, and the want [...]

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Inverter vs Gas Generator

Like a lot of new product concepts, CarGenerator is a polarizing product. People either 'get it' and love it, or they think it's stupid and go on Facebook to tell us and all their friends how dumb we are for developing this product in the first place. #social Thankfully, we have many very-satisfied customers who [...]

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